¿Why has Liga MX ended promotion and relegation?

Liga MX has taken a massive step during the recent break and announced the important decision of suspending promotion and relegation for the next five years. Liga MX executives have officially stated the suspension of promotion and relegation was done at the behest of teams playing in the Ascenso MX (second division). Football fans are anticipating the return of Liga MX’s clausura season. Cruz Azul lead the table but can they win the championship? Fans can visit este sitio to get a bet bonus before wagering on the team they believe will win the clausura title.

Ascenso MX clubs approached Liga MX for financial help, according to reports in Mexico. Through the leagues’ discussions, they struck a deal to stop promotion and relegation for the next five seasons. Meanwhile, clubs in Liga MX will make yearly payments to the clubs in the second division (12 in all) to prevent them from going out of business. However, some claim the Ascenso MX will now just be used as a feeder league for the top flight.

The closed league system will now fall in line with the United States’ and Canada’s Major League Soccer. It just so happens that rumours over the last year have stated Liga MX and MLS will merge into a gigantic North American soccer league ahead of the 2026 World Cup, which will be co-hosted by the US, Canada, and Mexico. 

A need for financial stability

Mexican professional clubs have shown financial weaknesses and preventing the system of promotion and relegation could enable the values of clubs to increase. New sponsorships could be created along with betting partnerships with brands such as William Hill and others. 

At the moment, three different Liga MX ownership groups run two clubs each in the division. In addition, these same ownership groups also own at least one team each in the Ascenso MX. Due to a lack of individuals and groups seeking to own a Liga MX or Ascenso MX team, football authorities must allow multi-ownership of clubs to keep the leagues going.

There are multiple financial aspects each Liga MX club must meet to be granted the chance to play. All clubs must have a youth system with under-20, under-17, under-15, and under-13 teams. In addition, clubs must also promote a women’s football team. The financial outlay for all of those teams and coaches is immense and difficult for some second division clubs to meet. 

Suffocating from within

According to Liga MX insiders, the league has been suffocating from within due to a lack of sponsorship money filtering into the division for years. Television revenues and attendances are down. All of these issues, along with the poor/lack of ownership options have led Liga MX to look at alternatives to prop up the league. 

Due to the financial uncertainties in Mexican football and second division teams being unable to meet the monetary requirements for promotion to the top flight, suspending promotion and relegation seems like a reasonable idea. However, if clubs see their financial values increase, it is likely to build a large gap between Liga MX and Ascenso MX clubs. 

A merger with MLS looks more possible with promotion and relegation suspended. A nearly full continent-wide league would be the first of its kind. It could also trigger incredible sums of money with sponsorships across the US, Mexico, and Canada.